Nutrition Educator and Health Coach
At the age of 40, I was battling chronic fatigue, digestive issues, and joint pain.  I made some changes to my diet and lifestyle,
educated myself on eating well, exercise, & fighting disease.  Today I feel strong, healthy and eager to share my knowledge with YOU! 
Begin your journey to health, balance, and wellness today! 
A Little About Me..."
In 2008, I began my career in the field of Health and Nutrition.  I have been working through our local university as a Nutrition Educator with schools, seniors, young moms, home school groups and individuals teaching them about basic nutrition, healthy meal planning, food portions, making healthy food choices, grocery store shopping for health, and preparing and cooking nutritious meals.
My journey with health is very much like any other.  I was a relatively healthy adult eating the average diet and exercising when I could fit it in. Around 40 years old, I started having joint issues, back pain and what turned out to be hypothyroidism.  I started treating my thyroid under a doctor's supervision and I did start feeling better but I still had a lot of issues.  I still had joint issues, chronic yeast infections, and digestive problems.

I eventually got tested for food allergies and found out that I was very sensitive to gluten, casien, whey, eggs, cheese and a myriad of other things!  That brought on a total lifestyle change!  Being in the field of nutrition, I was able to explore alternatives and healthy recipes.  In the quest of feeling better, I began to study plant-based nutrition and nutrition science. 

Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Dr. T. Colin Campbell became my mentors (through education) on this journey.  I took and completed the courses that they offered and got my Plant-Based Nutrition certification through eCornell T. Colin Campbell Foundation in 2013 and my Advanced Nutritarian Studies certification through Dr. Fuhrmans' Nutritional Education Institute in 2014.
Since then I have taken Nutrition Science courses at our local college, and have become certified as a Health Coach through the American Council on Exercise in 2015.

I have learned so much about the body, how food can be a healer and a hindrance, what REAL food looks like, how to cook delicious, nutritious foods, and how to listen to my body. 

Through my work as a nutrition educator, I have had the privilege to share many of these skills with others.  Teaching people to cook, introducing them to beautiful and healthy new foods, revealing ways to fight diseases, and instructing on ways to move your body through exercise and lifestyle changes are very satisfying and rewarding lessons to share!

I want to continue to help people to make healthy changes that promote a healthy lifestyle. with simple yet effective steps. 
Making the choice to change your lifestyle and embrace healthier changes can be overwhelming and often confusing.  I can walk alongside you and help you to make changes that will improve your health, lifestyle, and relationships. 
  • Owner of Nourished Health Coaching Services.  Established 2014
  • 9 years experience as a Nutrition Educator through University of Alaska Fairbanks, Cooperative Extension Service
  • Professional Plant Based Culinary Certification from Rouxbe Cooking School 2018
  • ​Certified Health Coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2016
  • Culinary RX Certification from Rouxbe Cooking School 2016
  • Certified Health Coach from American Council on Exercise 2015, 2017
  • Master Gardener Certification from UAF CES 2015
  • Advanced Nutritarian Studies: Nutrition Educator from Nutritional Education Institute 2014
  • Plant Based Nutrition Certification from Colin Campbell Foundation 2013
  • National Nutrition Paraprofessional Certification from Utah State University 2012