Workshops are a great way to bring wellness to your business, corporation, small group, church, or meeting. 

Winona presenting "The Colors of Transformation" at the 2018 Lipgloss & Leadership Summit. 

Sugar Blues

Do you find yourself craving sugar?  Sugar is an additive substance that can rob our energy, cause inflammation, and disease.  But it tastes so good....learn how to diminish cravings, replace processed sugar, and change eating habits that will boost your energy, mental clarity, and mood!  40-45 minute workshop

Eating For Energy

Does your lack of energy give you a 'less than optimal' view of life?  There are so many things that can zap our energy, and many things that can give us energy.  This workshop will reveal primary foods that will promote energy and also ways to avoid stressors and foods that create stress. 
1.5 hour workshop with cooking demonstration of energy producing food. 

A Taste of Green

Green Drinks - energy producers, disease fighters, rich nutrient providers, pure nutrition, quick and easy....for all these reasons and more...this workshop is worth scheduling!  Learn some green drink techniques, take a taste test, and go home with new recipes  that will extend your life!
​30-45 minute workshop. 

Eating for Heart Health

Heart disease is the #1 killer in America.  It affects every 1 out of 2 adult men and every 1 out of 3 adult women.  Learn how to NOT be a statistic.  If heart disease is already been diagnosed, learn how to eat for a healthy heart and move towards disease reversal!  
​1 hour workshop

Workplace Wellness

Is your job making you feel stressed, anxious, or drained?  Improve your office habits today.  Use the power of good health to boost your immune system, decrease stress, and thrive in the workplace! 40 min workshop

Decoding the Food Label 

Do you find the marketing and packaging on foods to be confusing?  During this workshop we will de-code and de-mystify food labels.  Explore labels and find hidden sugars, fats, and chemicals that are added into foods.  Learn about choosing healthier options at the grocery store.  1 hr. workshop. 

Foods of the Bible

During this workshop you will learn about the foods that are found in the bible, healing property of the foods, and also learn some simple recipes using foods that have been around since the beginning of time!
​1 hour workshop
Call or email to schedule a workshop for your small group, workplace, or social group today!  All workshops can have the addition of a live cooking demonstration as well.  Prices vary based on total time of workshop, food to be included, and # of supplies for participants. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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